Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lake Superior

Lake Superior (Jun 3, 2013)

Yesterday we drove along route 1 to the shores of Lake Superior. Route 1 crosses the forest heading east, until it hits the Minnesota side of the lake. Paved from one end to the other, it is a very enjoyable ride (but careful, at night, for the crossing deers and moose). Along the way the usual variety of lakes and river crossings: it becomes a long ride if you plan to stop and take pictures at each of them.

Kero and Mayli
We in fact took a diversion by driving off road 172 (Wanless road) at Isabella. It is a gravel road that cuts through the forest, with lots more lakes on both sides. The inset photo on the left was taken at one such lakes (The Dumbbell lake, maybe) where we went for a stroll in the picknick area as off the main road. At Wanless we then took one of the several rites that drive down to Lake Superior (I believe route 166 and then route 342). It is quite impressive how you suddenly get a steep slope and in front of you, instead of the now familiar variety of trees, a large flat expanse of water appear. If you have never seen the Great Lakes, you may as well think of them as internal seas: they are huge and definitely you won't see the shore on the other side. The stillness of the water, however, betrays their nature: there is no sign of the large waves one would expect even in an internal sea as the Mediterranean. The photo on top was taken at a park along the shore, where the temperance river meets the lake at the falls with the same name.

We ended our drive as far north as we could without getting into Canada. We actually found the pier (Hovland landing) were the mail was arriving before route 1 and the coastal road were made. Mail arrived at the site by boat, to be carried on by sledge dogs along the "old dog road". Back in Grand Marais we had dinner. Mayli found a place with an internet-praised onion soup and pear salad. We stopped there to order to go (yeah dogs are not admitted in restaurants) and that turned out to be a mistake: the place was too good a restaurant to order stuff to go, especially if you have then to eat it in the car with p,a stick forks and no spoon for he soup. Well, live and learn. Before leaving town we stopped at a coffee and ice cream place (both excellent) at the very entrance if Grand Marais. We then started the long drive back, on the coastal road (route 61) and then route 1 to Ely, without stops, this time, except the forced ones necessary to avoid the many deers (and two moose) standing in the middle of the way.

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