Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Japan Diary

Kyoto, Japan (Jun 1, 2012)

As I am writing, Mayli is on a plane flying to Japan. She will stay there for a 2-days meeting near Tokyo, which means she will be traveling for about the same amount of time she will be staying in Japan. This is her third trip to Japan, following an initial trip a few years ago, and the trip we did together last year. Almost exactly one year ago, I had a Mega-SAGE collaboration meeting in Tokyo, followed two weeks later by Mayli's bi-annual "Neutrino" conference in Kyoto. The timing was just right so that I stayed one week more in Japan after my meeting, and Mayli arrived one week early before her conference, and we used the in-between week to take a very needed vacation. Since at the time my photoblog was not working, I never posted the photos I took during the trip, and never compiled an online "travel diary" of the vacation. Using the excuse of Mayli's new trip, I will be posting starting tomorrow my belated Japan Diary, with photos and comments of our trip to Japan, with just one year delay.

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