Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Very Long Flight

Sydney, Australia (May 26, 2008)

This image is from the airport of Sydney, Australia. I am usually a little wary of shooting pictures in airports with my large camera (you never know how security may react), but in this case there was this huge window looking towards the city, with the beautiful colors of sunrise, and I couldn’t resist. And I wasn’t alone, as many other passengers were taking out their cameras and doing the same.

Getting to Sydney was just one of the many legs to get to New Zealand from Boston. While there are direct flights (on the way back we flew through Auckland), when we finally started looking for tickets, we found that flying through Australia was considerably cheaper. Cheaper doesn’t mean painless, though, as flying through Sydney adds ~3,000 miles to the trip. Plus, even if one doesn’t have to do immigration (one never exits from the international terminal), if you are not from the European Union, US or a few other selected country, you still need to get a transit visa on your passport. Which is exactly what Mayli needed to do (since at the time she only had her Venezuelan passport), and that ain’t completely free.

So I first flew to Los Angeles, then Sydney, and finally Christchurch, our final destination in the north sector of the South island. I travel quite often to Los Angeles, and I always think of that as a pretty long flight. Well, in this case was just one leg of a much longer trip. Which at the time it really seemed never coming to an end.

Sydney, Australia (May 26, 2008)

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