Saturday, December 12, 2015

Inland Scenic Route 72

Route 72, New Zealand (May 30, 2008)

The second day with the car but still without Mayli (busy she was at her conference) I went driving along the Inland Scenic Route 72. The route goes South from Christchurch, passing at the feet of the Southern Alps until it reaches a (very) small town called Geraldine. From there one can go back towards the coast (on the ugly Route 1), to return to Christchurch just in time for dinner.

Country Road
Between the two small towns of Kirwee and Darfield, Route 72 is parallel to the railway that crosses the Southern Alps to reach the Tasmanian sea through Arthur’s pass. That’s where I stopped to take this picture: the scenery was reminding me so much of Switzerland that I couldn’t resist taking this shot! The drive was nice and enjoyable, and was worth doing. This was the second day driving on the left, so I was already more comfortable, even though each time I stopped to take a picture, or any time I saw a car coming towards me on the right, I had to force myself to think that it was ok... I was on the correct side of the road. In fact I developed this mantra subconscious mumbling, now and then without prompt, “left is good... left is good... and right is bad”. For once, I wasn't even making a political statement. I found it useful to keep myself alert and avoid drifting on the other side, even though in the days to come it would drive crazy a very worried Mayli (which for the rest of the trip would keep closing her eyes each time we were crossing another car).

Route 70, New Zealand (May 30, 2008)

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