Thursday, August 8, 2013

Salita al Castello

Saluzzo, Italy (Aug 20, 2006)

The best time for tourism in Italy is early fall, when the weather is still warm but not too hot, and cuisine is at its best (wine, truffles). Still, most tourists visit Italy in the Summer, when everything is closed 'per ferie' (vacations) and the 'afa' (sultry stagnant air) clogs your lungs and cooks your brain. This is a good description for the day I took the photo above: hot, humid and with nobody around. Except for one guy sitting on a small desk tucked away in the shade of a thick brick medieval wall. Reading a book, enjoying the barely existing breeze funneled by the narrow 'vicolo' in Saluzzo, a small town in northern Italy not far from the place my family is from.

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