Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rocks and Dragons at Daitoku-ji

Zen Garden, Zuiho-in, Kyoto (Jun 2, 2012)

The photo above shows a zen garden in Zuiho-in, one of the temples part of the Daitoku-ji complex. The temple complex, founded in 1315, is a rather large walled area (more than 53 acres), with many buildings part of the main temple, and several sub-temples each with their own gardens. Even though only a few of the sub-temples are open at any given time, there is so much to see, and think about, that one could spend countless hours, maybe just sitting in front at one stone, in one garden, of one temple. Some of the gardens are tiny, some are large. Some are entirely made of stones and sand, others are covered with mosses. Many of the buildings have spectacular painted panels, like the one below we found in the Ryogen-in temple, which is Mayli's favorite dragon ever.

A fiery dragon in Ryogen-in, Kyoto (Jun 2, 2012)

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