Japan Diary

Kyoto, Japan (Jun 2, 2012)

In 2012 both Mayli and I had a work meeting in Japan. My meeting was in Tokyo at the end of May, and Mayli's meeting was in Kyoto at the beginning of June, with one week in between. This worked very well, because it allowed us to overlap during the in-between week, when we took the first long vacation since our last trip in New Zealand. This is the photo-diary of this trip.

Japan Travel Diary Index:

  1. Japan Diary
  2. Ueno Park
  3. Estudiantina Komaba
  4. Eclipse!
  5. Sensoji and the Sumida River
  6. Bridges and Weddings
  7. Tokyo Tower
  8. Tokyo National Museum
  9. Kiyosumi Garden
  10. Edo-Tokyo Museum
  11. Tokyo Temple Run
  12. Tsukiji Fish Market
  13. Shopping and Tempura
  14. Hakone
  15. Hakone Ropeway
  16. Can Not Go Buying Black Eggs Shop
  17. Lake Ashi
  18. Old Tokaido Road
  19. Heian Shrine and Nanzen-ji
  20. Kiyomizu-dera and Tanuki
  21. Gion and Ruru Atakku
  22. Rocks and Dragons at Daitoku-ji
  23. The Truth of the Universe
  24. Golden Pavillion and Statistical Fluctuations
  25. Dichotomously Branched Tree
  26. Caves of Steel
  27. Zen Cuisine
  28. Lost!
  29. We Want a Japanese Maple!
  30. All Good Things...

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